Hello! I wanted to share a short blog about engagement photos. These are quite special, as it captures the love between couples; and that anticipation and excitement for the wedding day begins to build! Be sure to choose a photographer who you truly love (within budget of course) based on their portfolio. More than likely, you should be so happy with your engagement photos that you have the same photographer on your wedding day. This is also beneficial because you have a bit of a relationship with them come wedding day, and you know what to expect. Most photographers will provide you with direction and suggestions during photo-shoots as well.

There are many talented photographers out there, so when you are looking at their portfolio, ask yourself what do you notice about their style that you like? Do you have something you are going for, maybe something soft and romantic, or something a little more edgy? Maybe you don't know, and that's okay too! After looking through portfolios, let your heart lead you in the right direction and have fun with your photo-shoot! 

During our engagement session, I wanted us to start with formal wear and then halfway through we switched to casual wear. What wasn't planned however was the rain. Mid photo-shoot we got poured on! Instead of packing up and leaving, we embraced the rain! Although very cold, it was worth it! Plus, that was the second time we rescheduled our pictures due to rain, so in the end, I guess we were meant to be rained on!

Photography by Captivate Photo + Cinema 




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