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It’s an exciting time.

You’re engaged!

And looking forward to your wedding day.

Now begins the mission to bring your wedding vision to life. It’s a whirlwind of planning, prepping and decision-making. Then the wedding day comes too fast and is over too quickly. But when it’s over and the celebration done, the memories remain.

How will you remember this time?

Often, what should be a time of fun and anticipation turns into tension and strain. You start second guessing because - who knew there’d be so many decisions to make?

You need someone who understands the challenges of organizing a wedding. Someone to create that perfect wedding day timeline. Who's set up wedding venues and knows the secret of pulling it together. Who'll know the issues before they are presented and work to solve them and smooth the way. You need someone who's done this before.

Your wedding day only happens once but the memories last a lifetime.

Hi, I’m Natalie Conte and I have a passion for wedding planning.

"Natalie was a tremendous help with those details we were unfamiliar with (as neither of us had done this before!)”
Catherine & Keith

I’ll take on as much or as little as you want and bring your wedding dreams to life. I can be a partner who’ll work with you every step of the way. A consultant to give you confidence you’re on the right track. Or something in-between.

“Having her there allowed us to have a stress- free wedding day, as she kept everything running smoothly.”
Tera & Adam

“…how nice it was that we didn't have to think about setting up and coordinating everything on the day.”
Gina & Andrew

Let’s turn your ideal wedding dreams into reality and create memories to cherish. 

xo Natalie 

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